ITC Pastoral Internship Program

Indian Trail Church exists to live for the glory of God by being gospel-centered and gospel-spreading. One of the primary ways that the gospel is spread is through effective preaching, teaching, and discipling. As a church we long to be disciples of Jesus; it is our aim that Indian Trail Church raise up effective disciple-makers. Just as Paul dedicated his life to the Gospel and focused on key relationships (Timothy, Barnabas) that resulted in exponential growth through the faithful preaching and ministering of God’s Word, so too is the aim of Indian Trail Church to raise up the next generation of leaders through the pastoral internship program.


Nothing fancy happens in the Indian Trail Church Pastoral Internship Program. We simply want to unveil regular, day-to-day ministerial life and provide men aspiring to be pastors with an ecclesiological and pastoral grid for doing the work of ministry. How should the church be organized? Who should lead the church? Does the Bible discuss church membership? How does church polity affect the functionality of the local body? These are just a few of the questions that we will help shape and guide the direction of the Pastoral Internship Program.

Through conversations and their interaction with our church’s life, interns will discover that we believe God’s church is the main megaphone of the gospel, but a megaphone that’s largely ignored in Christian circles today. Not only that, they will consider what it means to build a church, not according to the latest cultural waves or “whatever works,” but according to all that the Bible says about our life together as the local church. Praise God that his Word is not silent on matters of ecclesiology and pastoral ministry.


The internship is currently in its sophmore season. Should you apply and be accepted, you will represent some of the “first-fruits” of what we hope will be many long seasons of raising up men to pursue ministry. In general, we offer the internship once a year. The internship is currently scheduled to last one year, with subsequent years to be planned during the first year. The official start date for the year is October 1st. We expect an intern applicant to be an upperclassmen completing his undergraduate degree, but exceptions are possible.

The interns are expected to become members of ITC, to attend regular Sunday worship, and possibly elder and staff meetings. Although the direct supervision of the pastoral internship will be under Kyle Schwahn, the interns function ultimately under the authority of the elders.

The bulk of the intern’s office time will be spent reading a number of books relating to ecclesiology, polity, theology, preaching, and hermeneutics. Interns will read approximately 8 books in the first year, discussing the books weekly as well as writing a short paper at the completion of each book and discussing those papers. While the list of books is constantly updated, here is a general guide to the books that are covered:

  • Taking God at His Word, DeYoung
  • Desiring God, Piper
  • Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity, Greear
  • 9 Marks of a Healthy Church, Dever
  • Christ-Centered Preaching, Chapell
  • The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, Keller
  • Church Elders: How to Shepherd God’s People Like Jesus, Rinne

Pastor Kyle will read the reflection papers written in response to the reading. All the interns and most of the pastoral staff then join him for three hours on Thursday morning to discuss and defend their papers. Pastor Kyle will highlight a number of aspects from those papers and allow the interns to critically discuss the matters among themselves and any present pastoral staff.


We welcome applications from men who are aiming at pastoral ministry and who are able to affirm the ITC member commitment and affirmation of faith. Expenses related to the internship (including books) will be covered by Indian Trail Church.


In addition to the reading and writing assignments mentioned above, the intern’s week includes mandatory attendance at staff meetings, book discussion breakfasts, elder meetings, public services of the church, staff prayer times, intern discussions, weddings and wedding rehearsals, funerals, weekly service reviews, intern accountability and supervision times, and spontaneous meetings that arise in the course of a week. Interns will also help facilitate events related to ITC such as The Spurgeon Fellowship Spokane and The Gospel Coalition Inland Northwest.

Additionally, we ask interns to schedule one-on-one lunches with each church elder and staff member. Interns also meet with a variety of new and old members of the church. These meetings provide the interns with an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the church’s history and life.

Interns become members of Indian Trail Church during the time of their internship in order to best fold them into the life of the congregation.

Lastly, we ask each intern to be an active member of an ITC Home Group.


If you believe this internship would benefit your development as a minister, we encourage you to submit an application! The ITC Internship Application form is available on this website and contains further instructions.



  • Are internships offered in the summer? Currently, we offer internships beginning in the fall through the spring.
  • Can I be married and do an internship? Yes, but we may not be able to accept as many married applicants, especially those who are married with children, based on an evaluation of the applicant’s ability to complete the program and care for their family.
  • Can I get credit for doing the internship? Currently, certain types of credit requirements will be met by the completion of the program.
  • I’m not sure I want to be a pastor. Can I still do the internship? We encourage those who are seriously considering or currently in pastoral ministry to apply for the program.


  • When should I apply? The program start date is October 1st, so all completed applications (including references) are due no later than September 15th.
  • Is ITC able to provide internships for women? The goal of the ITC pastoral internship is to train up elders/pastors. We believe that God has ordained men to function in these roles. Therefore, the pastoral internship is open only to males.
  • Where should I be in my education before doing the internship? Current college students are expected for intern candidates, although students who have completed their education will also be considered.

Intern Life

  • Is a stipend provided for the interns? We are currently planning on a minimum stipend of $500/month for each intern, beginning October 1st through May 31st. Continuation of the internship will be determined as the internship progresses.
  • Will I be able to work while doing the internship? We expect accepted interns to focus on the ITC pastoral internship, and therefore try to not have to work outside the program.

ITC Pastoral Internship Requirements

These requirements have some flexibility. You may be asked to do things not on this list and things on this list may not happen. It is essential that you have a spirit that is willing to serve and be involved however you may be asked. We desire that you see this not as a list of requirements to check off, but as an opportunity to immerse yourself even more in the ministry of Christ’s Church.



  • Plan, organize and lead at least one teen activity
  • Help plan, organize and execute one adult activity
  • Lead at least 2 Lord’s Suppers
  • Help plan and lead parts of the summer and/or winter retreat
  • Young adult ministry leadership
  • Connect Class
  • Observe entire class in November and write a 2-3 page paper discussing observations.
  • Teach a particular section during the class in Janurary.


  • Listen to Mark Dever’s lecture on service planning
  • Listen to the 9Marks interview on worship with Kauflin & Duncan
  • Read Carson’s introduction in Worship by the Book
  • Write a 5-7 page paper summarizing key points from lecture and reading as well as what you have observed in all of your past church experiences.
  • Under the leadership of Bob, help plan and lead 2 services.


  • Opportunities for this will come through Sunday evening or morning, Lord’s supper, adult activities, retreats, youth ministry; children’s church; Union Gospel Mission team, etc.


  • Teen sunday school class.
  • Adult education class, as available.
  • At least one youth service.


  • Help organize summer work day project and lead fall work-day project.
  • Team up with deacon for one month of set-up/take down and one month of lock-up. You will work with him for 2 weeks and then be on your own for 2 weeks. We will work with you on particular months.
  • Team up with deacon for one month of Lord’s Supper preparation and then do one month on your own.
  • Participate in welcoming on Sunday.


  • Organize and lead an aspect of evangelism.
  • Participate in ITC Vacation Bible School programs.


  • Observe at least 3 shepherding visits with different elders.
  • Observe new member interviews when asked.

Ongoing Education/Growth

  • Reading key resources for instruction in polity, theology, doctrine, hermeneutics, and worship.
  • Develop succinct, clear communication through the writing of summary reflection papers, ITC blog posts, newsletter articles, etc.


  • Help out with various projects at the church, as directed by Pastor Corey Gage.