Sermon Preview: YOU ARE... EMPOWERED


As last week's message alluded to the grace of God in giving His Holy Spirit to us, this week will delve into the Spirit's presence and power in our lives. The statement of conviction for tomorrow is: You are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as a child of God.

In Romans 8:12-17, Paul explains the glorious work of the Spirit in the life of the believer. The gift of the Spirit is graciously given to every child of God in Christ, and is at work to bring about a transformation into the image of Christ. This transformation comes as we put to death the sins of our old nature. And it is only accomplished in the power of the Spirit. God's Spirit guides and directs us in our fight for holiness. But he also confirms us in our relationship to God. That great first cry of the Lord's prayer, "Father," is enabled by God's Spirit in us. He confirms the truth in our hearts that we truly have been born of God.

In preparation for tomorrow's sermon, I encourage you to read, pray through and meditate on Galatians 4:1-7. This great passage will help to prepare your heart for the proclamation of the gift of the Spirit as we worship together.