Sermon Preview: YOU ARE... DEPENDENT


In tomorrow's sermon, we'll consider Jesus' teaching on prayer in Luke 11:1-13. The statement of conviction for the sermon will be: You are dependent upon a good Father who answers persistent prayer.

In this great passage, Jesus' disciples are being taught how to pray. Jesus first addresses the content of their prayer, directing them first to pray in regard to God's very glory and kingship. Then He leads them to pray dependently for sustenance, forgiveness and providential guidance. In it all, there is a deep spirit of humility and concern for God's own purposes. But then Jesus turns from the content of our prayer to the manner in which we pray. With a brief parable, Jesus calls His followers to a persistent life of prayer. He is calling upon His people to be the ones who ask, seek and knock continually at God's door. And Jesus assures us that the One to whom we pray is a far better Father than we could imagine. This Father will certainly give us good gifts. The best gift in fact... the Holy Spirit.

In preparation for tomorrow's sermon, it might be helpful to read a similar passage from Matthew's gospel. Read, meditate and pray through Matthew 6:1-18. Looking forward to the Lord's Day with you!